Artists' Books Shop

In March I started working on a small book shop at New City Galerie, the place where I help curate and install exhibits. Sadie Williams from Seven Days wrote up a great piece about the book shop. You can read it here; Seven Days Blog Post. The process has been fun - building the shelf (Thanks Heinz for your help) and then reaching out to everyone I could think of that makes books. I am still collecting and acquiring new books - so if you have any or know of any that primarily image base and $35 or under let me know.

These art books make great gifts; art, supporting artists and giving something to think about without words; a good exercise for the brain! At this point, you'd have to come in to see the books, but I will eventually get them digitized. In the meantime if you want a book and can't make it into the shop - we can talk/email and I can help you find the right book!